Statistics August 2012

Somehow I seem to think about statistics in january and august. A short overview:

Main site, 49 unique visiters per day on average in the last week. Popular search terms: “gangleri”, “”, “www.gangleri”, “”, “ganglieri”, “”, “angel magic”, “king gylfi sweden”, “who is gangleri”.

Articles, 120 unique visitors per day. Popular search terms: “babylonian calendar”, “nordic mythology”, “cabala”, “nine worlds”, “the nine realms”, “the nine worlds”
Popular articles: “Germanic concepts of Fate 18541 visits since the start of the count.
Angel Magic 10789
Nine Worlds in Nordic Mythology 10025

Book reviews, 104 unique visitors per day.
Popular search terms: “galdrabók”, “peryt shou”, “de tuin der goden”, “dumezil loki”, “altgermanische religionsgeschichte”, “the temptation to exist”

Film reviews, 130 unique visitors per day. The search results have things displayed in the sidebar (…).

Music reviews, 155 unique visitors per day. Most search terms do not come any higher than 30 times since the start of counting, so those can be ignored.


Bugger, I’m getting spammed. I’ve got a few anti spam plugins running, but somebody manages to get through anyway. It’s not much, but 8 in one day are 8 too many. Now I usually rare receive comments, so I have changed the settings that comments no longer appear automatically, I have to approve them first. I’ll change the setting back when I found a way to get rid of the spammers.

Yet more security

Just before the weekend was attacked by a hacker. It was one of those automatic attacks that go around the world wide web constantly. I have quite a bit of security on this website and of course my host has the usual server security as well. It looks like the hacker used some script to scan this website for a security issue of a couple of months ago. I never had the file with the issue and since the issue WP has been upgraded a few times. There was not a single possibility that this would ever become a problem, were it not that the hacker scanned the files of this website causing hundreds of requests within a few seconds and thus not only took down, but also the entire server this website is on, so I caused a few hundred websites to go down… Of course my host is not happy about this, nor am I, but there is little one can do against such a thing. But of course I am going to try! My host will look at their security, I am going to try to add another layer of security. Now I installed another plugin that supposedly block bad requests. I hope this plugin does what it promises and that you do not have any problems with it, but since there is always the possbility of such a plugin to be over-active or that it conflicts with another plugin that I use, I cannot guarantee nothing to go wrong. Should you experience something fishy, please let me know.


Just upgraded to WP 3.3. The backend has improved a bit, it seems everything works, no conflicts with plugins or my theme. Good! Should you run into something, please let me know.


On Independence Day WordPress 3.2 saw the light of day. This is quite a drastic upgrade, since the server software requirements have been raised to levels that are not supported by my host in the standard setup. Through a ‘trick’ I have been using PHP5 for a while, but a more serious trick was needed to use MySQL 5.2.4 or higher. I took care of that a little while ago. It costed a lot of work. So far the upgrade seems to have gone flawlessly. I did some basic testing and so far have not found anything funky. Should you run into something, go the contact page and send me an email so I can have a look at it.


Every now and then I feel the need to have a look at the site statistics, usually when I do, I do not have access to my host’s statistics, but the statistics per section are more interesting anyway.
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All done?

It looks like I am about finished with the transfer to the other database. It was quite a job to get all the wrong characters right, but I think I found them all. Should you run into something that looks weird, please let me know. As far as I know now, there is one thing yet unsolved and that is the top-rated music reviews list that I temporarily deleted.

And yet more anti spam

I am getting so tired of cleaning the spam queues every time that I decided to install the dreaded “captcha”, you know, an image or question that you have to type over in order to be able to submit something. (By the way, did you know that “captcha” is short for “completely automated public Turing-test to tell computers and humans apart”? Who the hell came up with that?) It looks like it that I found a plugin that only shows a captcha image when a comment would be marked as spam. Normal visitors should not see them! Should that work, that would be awesome. So, should:

Sorry, but it looks like you are a spambot. Please complete the CAPTCHA below to prove that you are human.

What are the fifth and sixth characters of the following sequence?

with a line of number, something does not work right (or you are a spammer). Please contact me when you are unable to leave comments.