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Recently I bought a “Riget” (“The Kingdom”) 2 series DVD box and yesterday we started to watch it. Ah, the weird hospital soap with Lars von Trier after every episode and Dutch subtitles. What a wonderfull box.

The Wicker Man

Surprise surprise, last Sunday my girlfriend wanted to see “The Wicker Man“; she never does, because she doesn’t like the end where Sergeant Howie has his appointment with the Wicker Man. Personally I think that Howie is an arrogant prick, so I don’t really dislike the overdramatisation of an ancient Celtic ritual. In the remake she didn’t think it so bad that Nicholas Cage ended the same way, which reminds me that I have to buy that remake some time too. For only a few euros though, since it is not half as good as the original.
By the way: where is my review of the remake? We went to see it in the cinema and I surely reviewed it. Did I miss it when I transferred my reviews from to Stupid me!

[edit 23/7/08] I indeed forgot to copy it, but I got it back, just click here. Before, I already found the DVD for 5 euros plus shipping. That is a fine price for a bad film 😛

Don S. Davis 1942-2008

This is already old news, but perhaps you haven’t heard. Don S. Davis, to me mostly known as Major Briggs from Twin Peaks, passed on on 29 June of this year.


It has been over two years since I saw this film in the cinema, this time I saw it on DVD since it is in the cheap “quality films collection”. Reading back my review of the time, my idea about the film is exactly the same. Coppola has the ability to make films that give me a strange, melancholic feeling. She manages to raise sympathy for characters (that in the case of “The Virgin Suicides” or “Marie-Antoinette” actually do not ‘deserve’ it) and knows how to set a strong atmosphere by good choice of music. “Marie-Antoinette” remains a very good film.

Film reviews blog

This could become the most active “sections blog”, since I might not always watch new films (that can be reviewed), but I also often watch older films or series. For example, we have taken “The Prisoner” from the shelves and have started to watch it again and last week I bought “Riget”/”The Kingdom” which always nice to see again. Yet another series, I still plan to start buying “X-Files” series boxes and watch the series again. I loved the series when they were on TV, taped all of them, bought the VHS tapes, etc. but in these times of DVD… It should be fun to start with episode one.
Other films that I reviewed but watch(ed) again are the great “La Antena” or always great films such as “Delicatessen”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Sin City”, etc. Oh, and I want to see “Beowulf” again too, but of course not in 3D, since I do not believe there is a 3D DVD version.