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Yes it is silent in this section. There are more important things to do than watching films! But what does not really help either is that my girlfriend sometimes comes home with films that I do not feel like reviewing here. Two 007’s for example (funny that in The Man With The Golden Gun two actors from The Wicker Man have significant parts) and yesterday we watched the magnificent La Cite des Enfents Perdus (City Of Lost Children), because we did not feel like getting a new film from the videostore. The good news is that there are new book- and musicreviews.


Yesterday we re(rerere)watched one of my favourite films: “Pi” by Darren Aronovsky. “Pi” is about a mathematician and combines ancient (number) theories with Kabbalistic ideas, “glitch” music, great camera-work with epileptic scenes. There are but a few directors who are really able to use the power of music to set an atmosphere. However the music in “Pi” is almost always the same, Aronovsky has really incorporated that track into his film. I think that when I think about it, my favourite films are all films in which music is used well. Filming style works too, an atmosphere has to be set somehow. Film and music can amplify eachother when used well. A film gets better with a good choice and use of music and music that is used in a good film, gets an extra layer. “Pi” is one of those films that perfectly mixes different elements to a film that does not appeal for the larger audience, but is brilliant for a viewer like myself.

Birthday films

My girlfriend and me both have birthdays around this time. This resulted in quite a couple of films that people chose for us to watch. Of course I will all give you my findings when I saw them. Two films my girlfriend bought, an Israelian film that I will review in a few minutes and a psychological thriller (her favorite genre). From friends and family I got two early Cronenbergs, Doberman and an ancient Bergman film. As for our own choosing, this week we will go and see “Waltz with Bashir”, a film that I have wanted to see for some time and which now plays in the local filmhouse.

X-Files and The Prisoner

As you may have read, I bought the 9 series (165 hours) X-Files box and we are rewatching The Prisoner. With these long-running series we do not really need to watch everything else, so there may not be too many filmreviews here on short notice.

Recent and future watchings

Last Sunday Hellboy was on TV. It was the second time that I saw it. Undoubtely is it shown now, since Hellboy II will be in the cinemas the day after tomorror in the Netherlands. Hellboy is a strange film with a great sense of humour and great stages and costumes. In a way it is a rather cheasy fantasy action, which, I suppose, is the reason that it seems to do well with the larger audience, but the director knows how to make an impressive film. I saw a trailer for Hellboy II in the cinema and in the first minute I thought it was a trailer for The Mummy 26, but when the magnificent images and stages and eventually Hellboy himself came in, things became clear. On TV I saw another and much less interesting trailer. I think I will go and see Hellboy II in the cinema, if it were only because of the visuals.
We continue rewatching The Prisoner at a slow pace. It remains a great series. I have to reread the Tyr article, but I keep forgetting about that.
Yesterday I got an email that the X-Files 9 series box is on its way. Yes, the latest film is not very good, the previous was just alright, but I want to see the old series again and not from the crappy TV-tapes VHS tapes that I have. I am curious if I still enjoy the old shows like I did 15 years ago.
Also on its way: Eraserhead. I had always thought that I would buy this classic for a few euros some time, but even after the 2000 cleaned-up rerelease, the film remained hard to get, expensive and without a European release with subtitles. Tired of waiting I ordered a copy from the USA.
There are a few things on my wishlist. Tips from friends, things that I ran into on the internet, hopefully I will be able to track down the films to see them some time.

The Wicker Man (again)

So yesterday we watched the remake that I just bought on cheap DVD. The film is pretty awfull if you know the original. Sometimes the texts are direct quotes from the script of the original, but at other times things are completely changed. For some reason the director added a ‘bee element’ and the matriarchal society of his American Summerisle seems to be a copy of the bee population. This is all new in the story. Trying to pay no heed to the original, this is still not a very good film. The credibility of the story is low, the film is not really exciting and the little information about ‘the old religion’ is extremely thin as if the director wanted to keep some elements that he didn’t understand. My review of the film of some time ago, could have been written today as well.


Recently I bought a “Riget” (“The Kingdom”) 2 series DVD box and yesterday we started to watch it. Ah, the weird hospital soap with Lars von Trier after every episode and Dutch subtitles. What a wonderfull box.

The Wicker Man

Surprise surprise, last Sunday my girlfriend wanted to see “The Wicker Man“; she never does, because she doesn’t like the end where Sergeant Howie has his appointment with the Wicker Man. Personally I think that Howie is an arrogant prick, so I don’t really dislike the overdramatisation of an ancient Celtic ritual. In the remake she didn’t think it so bad that Nicholas Cage ended the same way, which reminds me that I have to buy that remake some time too. For only a few euros though, since it is not half as good as the original.
By the way: where is my review of the remake? We went to see it in the cinema and I surely reviewed it. Did I miss it when I transferred my reviews from to Stupid me!

[edit 23/7/08] I indeed forgot to copy it, but I got it back, just click here. Before, I already found the DVD for 5 euros plus shipping. That is a fine price for a bad film 😛

Don S. Davis 1942-2008

This is already old news, but perhaps you haven’t heard. Don S. Davis, to me mostly known as Major Briggs from Twin Peaks, passed on on 29 June of this year.


It has been over two years since I saw this film in the cinema, this time I saw it on DVD since it is in the cheap “quality films collection”. Reading back my review of the time, my idea about the film is exactly the same. Coppola has the ability to make films that give me a strange, melancholic feeling. She manages to raise sympathy for characters (that in the case of “The Virgin Suicides” or “Marie-Antoinette” actually do not ‘deserve’ it) and knows how to set a strong atmosphere by good choice of music. “Marie-Antoinette” remains a very good film.