Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Yesterday we watched “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” again. What a great film! A story with filmographic jokes as only a Kaufman can come up with, empathizable characters (the shy Jim Carrey who falls in love with the extravagant sweetheart Kate Winslet), a great atmosphere. I see that my review gives everything away, but even watching it again (and thus knowing exactly what will happen) makes this film a great one.

Colony Three

However the Danger Man box that I got are the third and forth series, it took a while before the series started to get more interesting. Most of the episodes still are a bit ‘normal’ but not boring, but a few episodes back was the great “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” in which John Drake is knocked out and the episode is a very surrealistic dream reminding of the end of “The Prisoner”. Yesterday we watched “Colony Three” in which Drake investigates the disappearance of many people. During the investigation he is kidnapped and kept prisoner in a remote village that is used to train secret agents. The episodes has more than one thing incommon with “The Prisoner”, Drake even calls the man who runs the village “number one”. By the way, the greeting “be seeing you” is also used frequently in the series.

Danger Man

Yesterday we started to watch “Danger Man”, the series that supposedly preceeded “Prisoner” and whose main character John Drake would be the nameless (but numbered) prisoner of that series. “Danger Man” started in 1960, is (of course) shot in black and white and appears to be that kind of James Bond or Avengers kind of series with secret agents and dangerous plots. The atmosphere, humour and acting reminds a lot of “Prisoner”, but “Danger Man” is more ‘normal’. All to be expected of course and the first two episodes where surely not disappointing.

What is disappointing is that I did not know that there were actually two series of “Danger Man” and I got myself the second…!! Starting in 1960 with three series and 39 half hour episodes, after three years of silence another four series started in 1964 with 50 minute episodes and these are the series that I got. Moreover, the series are in a different order on my DVDs than the broadcast list of IMdb…

Los Moscos

Yesterday we started with the second series of “Carnivale”. Three years ago we watched the first series and judging my review of the time implies that I found the series alright. That changed in a positive way, since I loved these first series that we rewatched before starting with the second. The first two episodes of the second series are even better! The opening episode (“Los Moscos”) answers quite a few answers that were raised in the first series, so much even that I almost wonder what the rest of the series will bring. Very promising!

Black Swan

I just read that the filmfestival of Venice will open with “Black Swan”, a new film of Darren Aronofsky. Aronofsky is growing into one of my favourite directors, so I cannot wait to see his latest film.

The Matrix trilogy

Last weekend we watched The Matrix trilogy, that has been a while. I still love part one. Most of the special effects, etc. still look amazing, but it is especially the story and atmosphere that make this film a classic. Part 2 and 3 are less and less ‘Matrix’, especially the last part mostly plays in the real world. Also I am not too fond of the spectacle shoot-out scenes and the Wachowski’s have some way too long philosopical monologues in their script. Actually the trilogy follows a descending line, but part one gave enough credit to make a more than average result. Besides, the other two parts have some great scenes and I love agent Smith!

New series

Yesterday we started with “Carnivale“. I saw parts of these first series in 2003 or 2004 when these were shown on Dutch TV, in 2007 we rented the first series and about a year ago, my girlfriend ran into the second series for a reasonable price. Before watching the second series, I wanted to watch the first series again, but that box is a lot more expensive for some reason. In any case, the first two episodes are great! When half an hour away a neighbour was at the front door, because the mailman had given him three packages that were for us, one of the them contained “Danger Man”, which will be the next series to watch. I cannot wait for that, but first two seasons of “Carnivale”. I hope these series will remain as good as they start. My review of a few years ago was somewhat critical.

New series

Now with the X-Files finished I planned to watch the whole of Carnivale. 2.5 Years ago we watched the first series. Much later my girlfriend ran into a cheap box with the second, but I want to watch the first series again first. That box proves to be much more expensive! When I get it, we will start over with these great series.
Also in the way is Danger Man, the series that came for (and was cut-off because) The Prisoner. Also not a cheap thing to get and there seem to be very different versions of it.


Yesterday we watched the magnificent “Memento” again, I love that film. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and I have seen it several times since, but it had been a while. The superb script keeps making my jaw drop. Brilliant how in a backwards story the characters develop in a linear way. Also it seems that I never consciously noticed that the opening scene shows the idea of the film. Should you have seen it some time back: just rewatch it some time.