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Breaking Bad

Now that I think of it, we also watched the first series of the lauded series “Breaking Bad“. The series have a nice joke here and there, but also here the first series did not make me want to watch the second. Many people say that the series develops, but frankly, when you want people to watch your series, the first have to be very good, right? I guess I missed that part.


We usually spend one evening a week watching series. Not on TV though, I am terrible with following things on TV, I just want to watch something when I want to watch it. Also I am no fond of all these 7+ season series and consequentally not of still running series. Also I find little of interest actually. Continue reading

Il Campeggio dei Morti Viventi

Remember “Horizonica” (2007)? The team of “Schat Ik Ga Fietsen” is working on a new full-length “Nederhorror” (“Netherhorror” after the Netherlands) zombie slasher with a plethora of volunteers. Make-up is done by Suzy Terror (who else), Ramon Etman (director of “Horizonica”) has his influence because of the cooperation of “Broet. The title is in Italian “Il Campeggio dei Morti Viventi” and on the Facebook page you can find more information. Also ‘Googling’ the title will bring up Youtube ‘trailers’ and the like. It looks like there will be some zombies in the film that I know, just as in “Horizonica”, hopefully “Il Campeggio…” will be a bit better 🙂


As a new series we got ourselves “Dexter“. These series actually have a 9.3 on IMdB (just as Twin Peaks) and a friend of mine says that it is getter better with every episode, even upto the fifth series. I am no fond of still running series, neither of series with too many seasons, but last week we saw the pilot and first (or second) episode. As in “American Psycho” we get the viewpoint of a serial killer. We hear him thinking, the story is with him as focal point. Dexter is an adopted child and has had urges to kill since his youth. His adoptive father, a policeman, knew all about these urges and taught Dexter to use them ‘for good’, hense, kill the people the police cannot catch. In his normal life Dexter is a forensic expert with “blood splatter patterns” as his speciality. The police is not his employer, but he works for them. His (step?)sister followed her father’s footsteps. Dexters jog inspires his other work.
The first two episodes were amusing, but not brilliant. The series have a grim sense of humour and it is funny that a serial killer is the hero of a popular series. I know that I gave all the information already, but I myself wonder how a series of five seasons with 12 episodes each remain interesting when the pilot already gives everything away. I suppose it does not (and so neither did I) or the writers manage to keep coming up with new ideas. Time will tell.

Patrick McGoohan

As you probably know, we are watching “Danger Man” (“or “Secret Agent”), the series that came before “The Prisoner”. Suddenly I wondered what McGoohan would have looked like when he was older. I ran into this page informing us that McGoohan died at the age of 80 on 15 January 2009. The link contains two photos. Also I ran into a very nice interview from 1977 which is mostly about “The Prisoner”, also with photo.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Yesterday we watched “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” again. What a great film! A story with filmographic jokes as only a Kaufman can come up with, empathizable characters (the shy Jim Carrey who falls in love with the extravagant sweetheart Kate Winslet), a great atmosphere. I see that my review gives everything away, but even watching it again (and thus knowing exactly what will happen) makes this film a great one.

Colony Three

However the Danger Man box that I got are the third and forth series, it took a while before the series started to get more interesting. Most of the episodes still are a bit ‘normal’ but not boring, but a few episodes back was the great “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” in which John Drake is knocked out and the episode is a very surrealistic dream reminding of the end of “The Prisoner”. Yesterday we watched “Colony Three” in which Drake investigates the disappearance of many people. During the investigation he is kidnapped and kept prisoner in a remote village that is used to train secret agents. The episodes has more than one thing incommon with “The Prisoner”, Drake even calls the man who runs the village “number one”. By the way, the greeting “be seeing you” is also used frequently in the series.