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Book reviews blog

As you might have noticed, I have moved the “quotes” and the “publications” from the news section to the more logical section: this one. Also I have added a “blog” to every section, where I can put some chitchat that are not reviews. I consider removing the “now reading” information from the “sidebar” to this “blog” as well, but I haven’t decided yet.

As it comes to “chitchat”, yesterday I finally finished reading part 1 of Archaic Roman Religion of Dumézil and also A Hero With Thousands Faces of Campbell. I hope to review the latter later today.
Last week I bought the four-parts Egyptian Arch-Gnosis of Jan van Rijckenborgh. This founder of the Rosicrucian Rosicrucianum has filled four books with his own translations of Hermetic texts including a few that I didn’t have in another translation. I wasn’t really planning on buying the ‘all fours’, but I ran into them second hand and this might bring me back a little to my old interest of Hermetism. Also I bought two old books in reprint, one about Masonic symbolism and one about Christian symbolism. I might let you know if they are worth the money when I read them.

A minor thing about these ‘hidden categories’ is that I have my excerpt plugin set to only the last post in full and the rest excerpted, but a new but hidden post is also a post… I might have to look into that some time.