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I could have been rich

In 2002 I registered the domain In 2007 I started with which eventually replaced (with the same content). In 2017 I let go off the domain I had been owner for 15 years, but had not really used the domain for 10 years. I just ended the hosting.

When you now go to you are no longer forwarded to, but see this:

The present owner of the domain is called Media Village. I guess they just buy domains that are put back on the market, value them, and sell them again. They own hundreds, maybe even thousands of domain names and sell them for € 169,- or twenty times that, or anything in between. My old domain they apparently rated € 989,-. Not bad when you keep in mind that many of the domains they sell are below that price.

I should have sold the domain myself, I would have been rich!

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