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A couple of years ago there was this new, hip feature for WordPress: custom post types. Actually, they already existed, but it became easier to use them. What you see for -for example- reviews is a default post type called “posts”. When I want to write something that will not be presented along with the reviews, I can make a category that I exclude from the reviews-view, but I can also make a custom post type. I started to experiment with them in….. what? 2007?!? I wanted to add “blogs” to the other sections so I could just present novelties or whatever. In the book reviews section I added quotes, in the music reviews section ‘stories’. All went well. I had to code a little to present these custom post types below eachother as with the default post types, but I managed in the simple theme that I used in those days.

To be more ‘up to date’ I switched to a theme that is actually maintained and is flexible without me having to code. This was a couple of years ago. It was soon clear that these ‘custom post type’ ‘archives’ were going to be a pain to get working. Thinking I would figure it out, I had links to these archives in the menus on top, but many a frustrating hour later, these archives still did not work. Due to other activities this little project remained on the shelve until today.

Well, indeed this did not work easily! I have to use yet another plugin, settings in two plugins and my theme from which the logic eludes me, but for the moment you can again visit the ‘blogs’ of each section, page through the quotes in the book reviews section and page through the stories of the music reviews section. Now I only have to start writing things there…….

And I wonder how long all this will keep working.

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