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New design

From time to time I start working on a new design, only to strand when going live on the complexity of the live site(s). After a comment in the music reviews section from someone who told me to not review music that I do not like, I started thinking again. The music reviews section already had a ‘blog’ for information that are not reviews, but I have no idea if people actually find these messages. Consequentally, when a label sends me promo material and I only make a blog-post to not have to write a review about a release that is not my taste, will anybody see it and did the label not spend money and effort on me for nothing? Then I figured that in a new design with two ‘sidebars’, I could use one of those sidebars for ‘other information’.

I have been working on that idea for a couple of weeks, found a flexible “theme” that I can use to have just one sidebar where just one is needed and two when two is convenient and style it quite a bit like I want it to be. The layout is not entirely perfect, but I did find a relatively easy solution for the ‘custom post types’ (I will not tire you with the details), so I decided to finally replace my stone-age “theme” with a modern one. I can now make room for larger parts of texts, such as in the articles section, a ‘blog bar’ for the music reviews and quotes accompanying the book reviews.

Of course I have been testing thoroughly, but should you find something that does not work (properly), please let me know. There are a few details that I want to have another look at, but the large changes are ‘live’ from on.

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