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Stats March 2014

It has been a while, but let me fill you in a bit more about the statistics of this website.

The main site has had 39.7 unique visitors per day in the last week. The last time I checked (a year ago), this was 37 visitors. the main referrer is still Hex Magazine, all the rest is spam.
The most popular searchword are obviously used by people looking for this very website. Gangleri,,, that sort of search terms.

A year ago I had 90 unique daily visitors on an average day for the articles section. This time I come to 92.7. Taking that nothing much happens there, that is not too bad. Popular articles remain Christian Cabala, Angel Magic and Rune Calendars, but also Germanic Concepts Of Fate and Nine World Of Nordic Mythology. Top referrers remain Wikipedia and Google. Popular search terms “Babylonian calendar”, “nordic mythology”, “cabala” and “nine worlds”.
A new statistic makes the articles that I offer for download in PDF and Epub. “Traditionalism vs Traditionalism” has the counter on 307 for the PDF and 31 for the Epub version, Traditionalistic Asatru respectively 115 and 45. Did anybody hear of download spam? The high number of the first article it a bit weird. Today, it has been downloaded numerous times, three times per minute. I hope my server can handle that. Also I wonder what is the use of this. (Further investigation showed that this file was accessed three times per minute about every half hour. Because I did not like the idea of somebody using so much of my server load, I created a new download package and reset the counter to something fictitious, but more credible.)

On to more happy events. The book reviews section comes to 85 unique visitors per day, which is substantially higher than the 63 visitors of a year ago. Top referrer Google, the rest is mostly spam. The popular search word list looks like the previous, Galdrabók, Peryt Shou, De Tuin Der Goden, Dumezil Loki. Popular entries in this section are a quote about the tripartite soul and two Dutch titles (Tussen Wodan en Widar and Godenschemering). The most popular English title is The Journal For Contemporary Heathen Thought.

Film reviews then. 37,6 Unique visitors per day, 45 a year ago. This is a little strange, since this is the section where most happens. I suppose I do not review popular enough films! The only non-spam referrer in the top referrer list is the Facebook page of this website. Popular reviews remain Tideland, c’Est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous, In The Name Of The Rose and Be With Me.

To close off with the music reviews; 85,6 against 74; Google and Facebook do well. The feed is extraordinary popular, so are general pages like the alphabetical list, the blog and the stories. The awfull World End Broadcasting remains the most popular review (2546 hits) followed by the old album “Mandragora” by Orchis.

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