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Statistics August 2012

Somehow I seem to think about statistics in january and august. A short overview:

Main site, 49 unique visiters per day on average in the last week. Popular search terms: “gangleri”, “”, “www.gangleri”, “”, “ganglieri”, “”, “angel magic”, “king gylfi sweden”, “who is gangleri”.

Articles, 120 unique visitors per day. Popular search terms: “babylonian calendar”, “nordic mythology”, “cabala”, “nine worlds”, “the nine realms”, “the nine worlds”
Popular articles: “Germanic concepts of Fate 18541 visits since the start of the count.
Angel Magic 10789
Nine Worlds in Nordic Mythology 10025

Book reviews, 104 unique visitors per day.
Popular search terms: “galdrabók”, “peryt shou”, “de tuin der goden”, “dumezil loki”, “altgermanische religionsgeschichte”, “the temptation to exist”

Film reviews, 130 unique visitors per day. The search results have things displayed in the sidebar (…).

Music reviews, 155 unique visitors per day. Most search terms do not come any higher than 30 times since the start of counting, so those can be ignored.

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