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It has been a while since I checked. Let us see if anything shocking happened since late August.

When looking at the main site, the average of the last week comes to 53,5 unique visiters per day.
The search terms that lead to this website are, Gangleri, misspellings of Gangleri, (still!), “angel magic”, “king gylfi sweden” and other things from the introductionary text and a couple of strange terms.
Top referrers. A lot less referrer spam than I expected. I am my own top referrer. remains a popular way to get to Other popular referrers are, Google,, Wikipedia (English and Dutch),,, the forum of The Journal Of Contemporary Heathen Thought and the Facebook page. “Popular referrers” is an overstatement though. From 984 all time hits through we go to 194 for and the rest is below 100. The Facebook page had only 24 hits to the main site since I started it. Special mentions are for, and Thank you for your links.

Articles then. For some reason the feed is enormously popular while this is a section in which close to nothing happens.
For the last week there were 179 unique visitors per day (against 169 in August).
Popular articles are Christian Cabala (thanks to Wikipedia no doubt), Germanic concepts of fate, Angel magic (as ever), The nine worlds in Nordic mythology, The occult Renaissance and Rune calendars (also with thank to Wikipedia). The numbers are quite impressive too. Since the start of the count, the Christian Cabala article has been accessed 17.397 times, Germanic concepts of fate 12.893 times and then we go halfway down to 6.145 for the nine worlds. Even the 30th most popular article Old symbolism in a modern city got 1.685 hits. Not bad!
What are all these readers looking for? Well, “babylonian calendar” (557 times), “nordic mythology” (552 times), “nine worlds” (484), “cabala” (322) and “the nine worlds” (309). Other notable search words “forgiven in hebrew” (eh? still used 64 times), “monas hieroglyphica” (only 51) and “galdrabok” (48).
Also here little spam referrers in my top referrers list. Google and Wikipedia come up high and the Facebook page. No ‘real referrers’ in the sense of people’s link lists.

Bookreviews. 193 Unique visitors per day in the last week (154 in August).
Popular searches, well popular, “galdrabók” comes up highest with 65 uses since the start of counting. “de tuin der goden” 45 times, “peryt shou” 41 and “altgermanische religionsgeschichte” 40. Apparently the visitors of this section come through different ways than search engines.
Or not? Most popular referrer: with 1960 hits and with 1109. I think it is save to say that these are bots. Other popular (and non referrer spam) referrers are (200) and the Facebook page (142).
Also here the feed is most popular and the most popular entry is not a book review, but a blog post! (tripartite soul with 3940 hits). The most popular book review is the first Journal Of Contemporary Heathen Thought (1780 hits), Suster’s biography of John Dee remains popular (now at 1382) and Evola’s quote ‘no esoteric Christianity’. Even though “galdrabok” is a popular search term, Flowers’ “Galdrabók” is only at position 10 with 1061 visits. I am relatively happy with Farwerck at 762 and Logghe’s book about the grail with 761 visits.

Filmreviews. 154 Unique visitors per day in the last week (125 in August).
The top list remains “Tideland”, “C’est arrive pres de chez vous”, “In the name of the rose” and “Be with me”.
Top referrers “” (600 uses until today), “” (212) and the FB page comes in with 124 hits.
No change in popular searches “maaz christian volckman”, “christian volckman maaz”, new are “orryelle defenestrate bascule – 156=musick=babalon=kaos | the hermaphroditic chaorder of the silver dusk” and “il campeggio dei morti viventi”.

Music reviews. 169 Unique visitors per day in the last week (202 in August…).
Popular reviews “World end broadcasting” compilation (still), Predominance * Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence, Hunting the Robot (like last time, too bad for the band by the way, since the review is not very positive), MOTT, Haus Arafna * You and Bang Bang Eche (guys, release your album so I can review it).
A funny twist comes with popular search terms. “haus arafna you review”, “aun black pyramid”, “cunttt” (Bang Bang Eche, maybe not what people were looking for?), “sistrenatus” (somebody get him to Europe to play) and “von thronstahl”.
The referrers are mostly spam, safe for Google, and… the FB page with 146 hits.

So does the Facebook page make up for the effort? The above seems to say it does. Currently there are 71 ‘likers’, but most items that I post remain around 30 “reached people” (whatever that may mean). According to the stats there are hardly any people “talking about this” and I “reached” 36 people this week, a downfall of 21,74%. That is about the information that FB gives. Apparently people do use the FB page to get to the website (I only post links to the actual reviews), but not very much.

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