Yet more security

Just before the weekend was attacked by a hacker. It was one of those automatic attacks that go around the world wide web constantly. I have quite a bit of security on this website and of course my host has the usual server security as well. It looks like the hacker used some script to scan this website for a security issue of a couple of months ago. I never had the file with the issue and since the issue WP has been upgraded a few times. There was not a single possibility that this would ever become a problem, were it not that the hacker scanned the files of this website causing hundreds of requests within a few seconds and thus not only took down, but also the entire server this website is on, so I caused a few hundred websites to go down… Of course my host is not happy about this, nor am I, but there is little one can do against such a thing. But of course I am going to try! My host will look at their security, I am going to try to add another layer of security. Now I installed another plugin that supposedly block bad requests. I hope this plugin does what it promises and that you do not have any problems with it, but since there is always the possbility of such a plugin to be over-active or that it conflicts with another plugin that I use, I cannot guarantee nothing to go wrong. Should you experience something fishy, please let me know.

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