And yet more anti spam

I am getting so tired of cleaning the spam queues every time that I decided to install the dreaded “captcha”, you know, an image or question that you have to type over in order to be able to submit something. (By the way, did you know that “captcha” is short for “completely automated public Turing-test to tell computers and humans apart”? Who the hell came up with that?) It looks like it that I found a plugin that only shows a captcha image when a comment would be marked as spam. Normal visitors should not see them! Should that work, that would be awesome. So, should:

Sorry, but it looks like you are a spambot. Please complete the CAPTCHA below to prove that you are human.

What are the fifth and sixth characters of the following sequence?

with a line of number, something does not work right (or you are a spammer). Please contact me when you are unable to leave comments.

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