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Last week somebody asked me if I got much reaction to what I write here, a question that I had to answer negatively. has 100 to 120 visitors (not hits) a day. The Facebook ‘integration’ has been here for about a month and a half. This means that about 9000 to 11000 people visited since. A substantial part of internet users supposedly have an account. 40% Of the Americans have one according to Wikipedia, in Europe I guess the number will not be much lower. That means that in the month and a half some 3600 to 4400 FB users visited these pages and 16 of them hit the “like” button (and I know some of them did not use the button on the website, but on the FB page), that is a participation percentage of about 0,375%? So far for boosting the participation of your visitors using FB as some claim!
The same goes for the FB page, by the way. When I post something there, there are 16 people reading it on their walls, but a day later the posts have been read over 40 times. Are these of the 16 ‘likers’ or do people simply bookmark the FB page without ‘liking’ it?
This is no complaint, by the way, just a conclusion. Perhaps there are more people like me who do not necessarily have all their information on one place (for example at their FB account), perhaps people prefer feeds, perhaps many visitors of are one-time visitors, perhaps you only come when you feel like it or visitors form a group of people not fond of social media. All possibilities. Just something I had to think about when I got the question.

2 thoughts on “Likes”

  1. First of all, i’m very thankfull for this website!!

    The first time i came to Gangleri was 2 / 3 years a go when i was searching information about the book ‘Noordeuropese mysteriën en hun sporen tot heden’. I’m vissiting this website several times a year. The first thing what i’m doing when i buy a new book, is lookin’ on what you say about the book!

    Most of people who comes here don’t have social media, i think. Included myself. The hype of social media is not my cup of tea. I think it has much to do with the attention people get. But it can also be very usefull for publicity, don’t get me wrong! I don’t say it’s bad and Gangleri don’t should do this!

    Also a lot of type (subject) books which are reviewed on Gangleri, aren’t (very) populair i think. Alchemy, gnostic, hermetism, occultism, aren’t very populair. For most people it’s too hard. This kind (type) of books aren’t made to sell as much as possible to sell books.

    At this moment you have a lot of new-age crap. People like Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Icke, etc. Problaby you have heard of them. Their books are very populair; they are made (written) to earn a lot of money. Often they describe something about ‘bad things’, and the reader get’s some fear. And in the end, the writer comes with a solution, and if you are doin’ what they are telling you; everything comes fine and good!
    I don’t say everything what they say is wrong and bad, but i think you know exactly what i mean.

    And this is exactly the reason why i’m so glad with this website!

    BTW, a couple of monts ago i made some publicity for Gangleri:

    Good luck whit this site!!

    1. Yes I noticed your referenceS in my stats, thank you for that. So you read only a few books a year? 🙂
      For a long time I did not use any social media either, I still try to keep it low-profile. I think I just expected that the number of people who visit this website DO overly use FB such as several people that I know. I guess not, no worries.
      Your reply also answers another question. Inspite of four anti spam plugins, people can still leave comments! Thanks again!

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