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Suddenly I wanted to have a look at my stats. Just to have you enjoy the figures…:
In the last week, the main part (index and intro) had an average of 73 unique visitors per day; the articles section 170, bookreviews 115, filmreviews 114, musicreviews 123 and the news section 14. Overall that comes to an average of 122 unique visitors per day for the entire website, based on my WordPress stats of course.
Other funny facts: hits on the main site are about twice the number of unique visitors (so I guess people do read the index and the intro), articles have twice to two-and-a-half the number of hits against visitors, books too, the filmreviews section has real browsers with six to seven times the number of hits in comparison to unique visitors, music reviews too and the news section has a very low number of visitors, even for the RSS (70 per day). The musicreviews section is relatively popular among feed-readers.
Recently I did some Facebook integration, but this has no effect whatsoever. As far as I can tell, no posts have been “shared” yet, and there is only one website visitor who “like”s, the other three ‘likers’ came from my own FB account. So far for “boosting contact with your visitors”!

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