So yesterday in Rotterdam we went to see three bands. The opening act was unknown to me: Oorchach. The music went from dark (industrial) ambient to industrial. The music was not really bad, not really good, but the ‘vocals’ were quite awfull. Next up was a completely boring show by Die Weisse Rose. A couple of people on stage wearing uniforms, much drumming and spoken and screamed texts. On the background was minimalistic music (inspired by Les Joyaux De La Princesse, just as the bandname?). Six or seven years ago when so-called “martial music” was still upcoming, this might have been nice, but today it’s just a big cliche and not well done either. Fortunately Foresta Di Ferro was a lot better, even though the entire previous band was on stage. FdF went from harsch industrial to weird folky music, neofolk and soundscapes. Not bad at all, but a big tumbs down for the guys of the PA: the whole night the music was so extremely load that it distorted and not only the DJ had an awfull sound (even killing Blood Axis), but the bands suffered the same. Extreme volume levels are not a good thing, for anything.
(And yes, the photos are so small so that you don’t see how bad they are!)

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