During the last week I have been messing around with the search function of this website. Since the beginning I have had a standard search that searches only the section you are reading and another searchbox with a Google search that searches the entire website. Since I now no longer have a database for each section, I figured it should be a lot easier to make a ‘sitewide search’. Not so! I found a way that supposedly nukes databases. Moreover, I could not style the search results to my liking. Then I miraculously found a way to display Google searches within my own website and I even managed to make radio buttons to choose between the current section or the rest of the website. Thrilled as I was in the beginning, testing things out proved that Google has results I am not happy with. Some articles or reviews display twice in the results, some not at all, or only in some archive (of the category the review is in or even the date-based archives). Being not amused with a couple of such things, I looked again for a sitewide search option based on the WordPress search, but the only two plugins that seem to do something like that do not work, either because I have a new version of WP or because my server uses a too old version of MySQL… So, I am back with the two search-boxes in the sidebars. One to search the current section, another to search the whole of or alternally the entire www. The only thing different is that these results are neetly displayed within the website, so at least something got better.

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