It is a bit ‘on and off’ with my use of P2P networks. Currently I have ‘an on period’ and of course I am listening to a variety of music. With the discovery of Dogpop and Thorofon (see music reviews section), I ran into Geneviève Pasquier. This is a strange formation around a woman, making some soft industrial dance-like music, which reminds me a bit of a girl group from an entirely different corner: Vive La Fête. So I have been looking around for some Geneviève and Vive music which both sound nice and funny. I usually don’t really look for anything because most of the time I cannot find what I am looking for. Most things that I run into is accidental. In this way I stumbled upon a terrible cd of Dies Natalis (Strasen Voller Staub) and a not too great compilation dedicated to Sol Invictus (Sol Lucet Omnibus). In an entirely different corner I found an album of the Dutch “breakcore” act Bong-Ra (Soldaat Van Oranje), a nice cd with “breakcore”, a great drum’n’bass track and surprisingly, Dutch-spoken hiphop; not bad at all! A much weirder “breakcore” act proves to be Scissor Shock. This is an extreme collection of sounds and rhythms which lacks every structure and is (in my ears) a not too pleasent listen.
There is so much music out there to enjoy!

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