Pagan Folk Festival

Yesterday there was a so-called “pagan folk festival” in Utrecht. The order of performance was exactly the other way around from what I expected, but it soon became clear why. I personally found the combination of the bands a bit strange: In Gowan Ring, Sieben and Faun. Sieben isn’t exactly a “pagan folk” band and isn’t Faun from a different scene? We entered Tivoli Helling (I had never been there) and the place was stuffed with people. Judging the variety in the audience (young, but much old, gothic, but much not-gothic) I figured that Faun has brought a big audience to the place. With this in mind, it wasn’t so strange that the evening opened with In Gowan Ring. Their half an hour set was nice. IGR isn’t exactly my band. Their folky music is nice, but a bit too soft and sweet for my liking. I am glad that I got the chance to see this band though. Next up was mastermind Matt Howden. He gave away a superb show almost as good as when I saw him in a theatre in Antwerp years ago when I didn’t know the man yet. I love Howden’s music, but the way he works (’loop machines’) brings a structure to his music that takes away some of the variety that could be there, so I don’t buy every album he makes. The new tracks were great though, so I may consider buying the “Spunge Bob Nudie Pants album” anyway. Faun is a German medieval band with modern influences (dance beats and electronics). I don’t like their music and didn’t stay to watch their show. It was obvious that the larger part of the audience did come for Faun though! Oh well, at least we got to leave before the rest of the crowd and be home at an agreeable time!

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