Batcave night

Last Saturday I have been to a ‘batcave night’ in Dynamo, the famous local ‘youth centre’. Indeed, this is the Dynamo of Dynamo Open Air, but these two organisations are not as closely linked these days as you may think (I believe). Dynamo got a completely new building a few years ago and however I have spent my Saturday nights in the old one for a couple of years (in my metal period), I hadn’t been in the new building. Then I heard that a friend of a friend organizes gothic nights there, so I figured this was a good occasion to ‘hit two flies in one blow’. “Gothic” nowadays mostly refers to girls in big, black medieval dresses listening to Marilyn Manson and Within Temptation. Learning that the band Götterdämmerung would play that night, I had guessed that this wasn’t going to be such an average teenagers gothnight. On entering the tiny cellar of Dynamo (even smaller than the cellar in the old building) I was immediately struck by the amount of 80′ies gothrockers with black mowhaws and other ‘traditional gothic’ appearances. DJs Dood and Ghost were playing music that is probably too old for me and when Götterdämmerung entered the stage I realised that for years I had mixed them up with another Dutch band that I saw with them on the same night many, many years ago (Gail of God). Götterdämmerung gave away a lengthy and lively show on the tiny stage with two dozens of classical goths dancing. This really isn’t my kind of music, actually I never really listened to goth (I went from metal to dark ambient and industrial), maybe it was the beer (too much) or the atmosphere, but this was a very enjoyable evening. It seems that there is a small but active “batcave” scene in the Netherlands and after Den Bosch, a few of them give them a haven for a monthly gathering and that in a city that always seems to have been deprived of a goth scene, but maybe I missed something else too. Not something that I will go to every month, but should you be interested and able to come to Eindhoven, pass the multi-cultural audience of the rest of Dynamo to go straight down to the batcave, check out the following websites for more information:
DJ Dood @ Myspace, Dynamo announcement of the december party (if you are later, look for “Dood” nights under “indie/alternative” in the calendar).

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