2007 Tops 5

This time of the year everybody seems to be looking back and all kinds of lists are made with the best films, records, whatever. I thougth that it would be funny to see what such lists of my own would look like. I figured making a top 10 of 2007 cds, but I found out that there were not 10 really good records released this year, so this had to be cut to a top 5. As for films, I usually don’t see films in the year they are released, so also in this case it is a meagre top 5 (which is more like a top 3 with two alright films on 4 and 5). Let me start with the film list:

1) INLAND EMPIRE by David Lynch (of course);
2) La Antena by Esteban Sapir;
3) Beowulf 3D by Robert Zemeckis (seriously);
4) Bug by William Friedkin (a nice film);
5) Klimt by Raoul Ruiz (also a nice film).

Music releases then:
1) Rome * Confessions d’Un Voleur d’Ames;
2) November Növelet * Magic;
3) Ex.Order * Corporate Control;
4) Von Thronstahl * Sacrificare;
5) Sistrenatus * Division One.

(Almost on the list were Cosmos Enthropy and Wrong Number, but I couldn’t make it to 10!)

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