Current 93 live #2

Well, mr. Tibet had put together a varried final day of the Roadburn festival which resulted in a nice, varried audience. The day was not sold out, but the big venue of the 013 was pretty crowded. The sunny day started in the big, dark room with Baby Dee. This proved to be an artist that I expected to come with Current 93. One person behind a piano making strange music that reminds music made in American ‘night pubs’. Every song some bandmembers entered the gigantic stage. Baby Dee doesn’t really make my kind of music, but there were a few nice songs. The awfull Skitliv (some black metal like project of one of the Mayhem singers) gave us some time to have dinner in Tilburg and halfway Hush Arbor we were back. One guy on the stage with a guitar and supersoft popmusic, kind of boring. Because one band had to cancel, Current 93 gave a show of almost 2 hours. It went as expected. Weird and dramatic, with not too great music and a few magnificent songs. I didn’t know any of the songs played, even though I have four or five albums of C93, but it seems that almost the entire new album was played. The room was stuffed and it sure was nice to see this live some time. The last band Æthanor, gave away some metal-soundscapes, not interesting enough for long, so we were home quite early. I took quite some pictures and tried the film function of my camera, but I haven’t had the time to copy it all to my computer. Maybe I will post something in this little story some time.

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