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Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte

Sometimes I’m lucky. Every once in a while I check some second hand book websites for the Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte. It is not that this book is impossible to find, but antiquarians know what to ask for it. I have seen prices from 200 up to 400 euros! I really wanted to have the book, but not for that amount of money. Last week I looked again and on one site I got five hits. 98 Euros… for only part I; 140 euros for only part two (different seller) and a couple of complete works for 240, 338 and 414,21 euros! Rediculous prices if. At the bottom there was a last hit: 120 euros… French shop… “2 tomes”, is that both volumes? It seemed it was. Then it must be the first print (the work was rewritten)… apparently not…! DAMN that seemed my lucky day. Even with 30 euros for shipment I’d buy it! I ordered book, the shipment was only 10 euros so you can imagine that I was very excited. Just home from work I got an email that my order was “storniert”, something with the credit card. My order was cancelled, I had to check my credit card info and order again when the book was put back online. Aaaaargh! I checked every ten minutes, but even when I went to bed, the book wasn’t back… Next day at work the first thing I did was see if the book was back and it was, even without a price-raise, so I ordered it again and today the mailman came to bring it to me. Yahoo!
Sometimes I’m lucky.

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