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Nothing much

In 2014 I experimented a little with the way the website looks. In most “sections” I added double sidebars to give a bit more attention to ‘other types of content’, such as “blogs” and the quotes in the book reviews section. This articles section is the only one where I did not add the extra sidebar. I do not write a whole lot of articles, but I have even less inspiration to write “blog” entries. It is not like I stopped reading and thinking and even have some new ‘spiritual experiments’, but there are a few reasons to hold back.

First, not everything that lays within my field of interest, is fitting for, even though this website is pretty wide in content. Also I do not want this to be a website about me, I just want to share information that some people may find of interest. Then there is the point that the internet keeps growing and I have no interest in presenting information that can also be found elsewhere. Sure, when I think I can do better I will, but that does happen all that often. Or it does not happen here!

But do not worry. I did not become a materialistic carreer hunter. I still read a load of books (some reviewed here) and other material. I attend ‘heathen’ gatherings (but not as many as I used to) and other things of ‘spiritual interest’. I have had a website for 15 years in 2016 (!). Reviewing books, music and films has become more of a habbit in comparison to the drive there was in the early days, but I have no intention of stopping. Even with just one article a year, I still hope to be able to present something read-worthy every once in a while. Perhaps with the growing of the years some youthfull enthousiasm got lost. I sometimes read discussions of fora with younger people and I no longer feel like joining in and the topics under discussion do not kindle my interest. It is also odd to see that even after 15 years of (predecessors of) I appear to be (about) alone with my strange ideas. I do sometimes wonder if I ever inspired someone to look at things from another perspecive. If there are people who read these pages and found something they had been looking for. I very rarely hear something of my readers (or so I have none?). Somehow seems to have never been invitational for interaction. Looking at my stats, people do find their digital ways to, so I can just hope that found what they were looking for.

I am sure that at some point I will think of something to write about again. Until that time, there are other sections that are more active than this one.

2 thoughts on “Nothing much”

  1. I am a mystic, american living in chicago
    have been married over 34 years
    have been working my mysticism through my covens
    am creating a deck of tarot cards loosely following the jewish, not hermetic tree of life

    have a close friend who gives me a place to stay in provence, france when i can make it there am fascinated with your article about christian cabala (

    fascinating differences being the jewish engagement with daemon (demons? probably not) in the 5th sefirot and actualization of the Sacred Marriage with a god/entity in the 9th sefirot.

    it seems you’ve run out of steam so i’m not sure this will get to you in time, but i’ve picked up your message in the bottle and would be interested in finding out more about you and your research.

    1. Cabala and Kabbalah were subjects that I was much interested in in a certain period. Interests shift and indeed, I currently do not have too much to write about. For the Christian Cabala article I mostly got my information from the Hermetic library in Amsterdam. Much has happened with the library since, but they are still around. There is another such library in Italy.

      As I said, it is not a subject that I have studied in the last decade(s), so I am not sure if I can help you much, but the links below my article that you linked to are still helpful.

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