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In 2014 I experimented a little with the way the website looks. In most “sections” I added double sidebars to give a bit more attention to ‘other types of content’, such as “blogs” and the quotes in the book reviews section. This articles section is the only one where I did not add the extra sidebar. I do not write a whole lot of articles, but I have even less inspiration to write “blog” entries. It is not like I stopped reading and thinking and even have some new ‘spiritual experiments’, but there are a few reasons to hold back.

First, not everything that lays within my field of interest, is fitting for, even though this website is pretty wide in content. Also I do not want this to be a website about me, I just want to share information that some people may find of interest. Then there is the point that the internet keeps growing and I have no interest in presenting information that can also be found elsewhere. Sure, when I think I can do better I will, but that does happen all that often. Or it does not happen here!

But do not worry. I did not become a materialistic carreer hunter. I still read a load of books (some reviewed here) and other material. I attend ‘heathen’ gatherings (but not as many as I used to) and other things of ‘spiritual interest’. I have had a website for 15 years in 2016 (!). Reviewing books, music and films has become more of a habbit in comparison to the drive there was in the early days, but I have no intention of stopping. Even with just one article a year, I still hope to be able to present something read-worthy every once in a while. Perhaps with the growing of the years some youthfull enthousiasm got lost. I sometimes read discussions of fora with younger people and I no longer feel like joining in and the topics under discussion do not kindle my interest. It is also odd to see that even after 15 years of (predecessors of) I appear to be (about) alone with my strange ideas. I do sometimes wonder if I ever inspired someone to look at things from another perspecive. If there are people who read these pages and found something they had been looking for. I very rarely hear something of my readers (or so I have none?). Somehow seems to have never been invitational for interaction. Looking at my stats, people do find their digital ways to, so I can just hope that found what they were looking for.

I am sure that at some point I will think of something to write about again. Until that time, there are other sections that are more active than this one.

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