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Yesterday we re(rerere)watched one of my favourite films: “Pi” by Darren Aronovsky. “Pi” is about a mathematician and combines ancient (number) theories with Kabbalistic ideas, “glitch” music, great camera-work with epileptic scenes. There are but a few directors who are really able to use the power of music to set an atmosphere. However the music in “Pi” is almost always the same, Aronovsky has really incorporated that track into his film. I think that when I think about it, my favourite films are all films in which music is used well. Filming style works too, an atmosphere has to be set somehow. Film and music can amplify eachother when used well. A film gets better with a good choice and use of music and music that is used in a good film, gets an extra layer. “Pi” is one of those films that perfectly mixes different elements to a film that does not appeal for the larger audience, but is brilliant for a viewer like myself.

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