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I know, I do not write these ‘now reading’ messages very often. I usually just read a book and review it. Currently I am reading quite a few titles at the same time.

  • Stemmen op schrift by Frits van Oostrom about Dutch literature from ancient times to the present. My girlfriend has this title and I picked it from our library when I had nothing to read. The book is very enjoyable, but I still only read in it when I have nothing else;
  • Rituele Repertoires by Gerard Rooijakkers. A nice book that I read years ago. It mostly deals with ‘black folklore’;
  • Do Ut Es by Arnoud Bijsterveld. A book in English about gift-giving, penalty, etc. in the Medieval Netherlands;
  • Blooktaking and Peacemaking by William Miller, a book similar to the previous title, a subject that I want to learn more about. I have not yet started in this one;
  • De Heidenen by Ugo Janssens. A Dutch book about “heathens” “from primeval times to Christianity”. So far not a very good book with a lot of information about prehistory.

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