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Arthur Waite Kindle books

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I noticed that quite a few titles of Arthur Edward Waite (1857-1942) can be found in the Amazon Kindle store. Perhaps this is not that surprising. The titles are often over a century old. The author has been dead for over 80 years. Copyright is probably no longer an issue. On several places online you can now get digitalised Waite titles either free or cheaply available.

The publications are sometimes short. They were originally printed in magazines for example. Other titles do have some length. I have read through a few shorter ones such as What Is Alchemy?, Emblematic Freemasonry, Building Guilds and Hermetic Schools, Collectanea Chemica.

Many years ago I read some of Waite’s more famous works. He was an interesting character who wrote about a variety of esoteric and occult subjects while trying to be both scholarly and ‘occult’. He worked in a fairly new field about which recently large amounts of literature started to emerge, mostly from Theosophical circles. Interest in such subjects was booming. Waite was active in various organisations too. Even though many of the things he wrote (about) has been improved on after his time, his not-just-scholarly-approach still brings food for thought today. I do not lean much new in his books, so perhaps it is a good thing that these titles are available cheaply, so I can just scan them and see if there are any leads for further investigations and proceed from there.

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