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All the sudden I felt the need to see if I could produce something more ‘durable’ than publishing online. A website may disappear, but books may change owners or even be available for quite some time. When it would come to publishing books, I had a few wishes. It should be printing on demand, so only copies sold would have to be printed. I also wanted ebook versions to be available. I looked around and found Amazon’s “Kindle Direct Publishing” which -other than the name suggests, is not just for Kindle ebooks. The size of Amazon has another positive point: the book is printed close to where the buyer lives, so less shipping.

The first book would be about Franz Farwerck. I have dedicated an entire website to the man and sometimes I get the question why there is no book. It would be quite a thin book, since I have not found all that much information. Besides, I do sometimes find new information and I am still after a few things, so would a book not be a little premature? Still I gave Amazon’s KDP a go. It costs nothing but time. It is pretty straight forward, only the cover designer is not too much of my liking.

I compiled a book from the website, reread and updated the texts, etc. Then I translated the booklet to Dutch, as I think there will be more demand for a Dutch book about the Dutchman who nobody knows abroad (which is exactly why I have the website in English). Then I had to make the Kindle versions, so actually there are four Farwerck books. So far so good.

For some odd reason I cannot have Amazon send me test prints or ‘author copies’ (a copy against the very low printing cost), while I can order the book once it is finished! A test print would have been nice, since the first Dutch printing that I bought myself, had a typo on the back. Then again, the nice thing about printing on demand is that I can just update the manuscript and the next person who orders the book will get the version without the typo.

After Farwerck I started to work on two books about mixed gender Freemasonry. An English book that covers the whole wide world (like the website) and one for just the Netherlands and Belgium. I am starting to get the hang of it, so these took much less time.

Then it was time to work on a compendium. I have been writing since 1999, so this time it was not going to be an 80 page booklet, but one with a more descent number of pages. I could even try what a hardcover would look like. This book mostly contains articles, ranging from 1999 up to recently and about a wide variety of subjects. Some texts are undoubtedly better than others, but it was fun to go through my old articles that I published through Sententia (my first website), (its follow-up) and now

The last book-project -for now- is Freemasonry & Heathenry. Not much original writing there, but a compilation of what is available on the subject of heathen remnants in Masonic symbolism. Since there is not much about this subject in English, I wonder if the book will draw some people. The website does not really, but that I can say about all my publishing efforts. I always pick subjects with small audiences. So be it.

As for the websites that these books are based on, the others can be found at and

Click on the image to go to my authors page on Make sure, that when you want to get a copy of any of the books, go to you ‘local’ Amazon. You may want to wait a bit getting the last two (Freemasonry & Heathenry and compendium. I just got my own copies and (of course) both prove to need to adjustments. In the compendium case minor adjustments (types, forgotten italics, etc.), in the first case I want to expand one part of the book a bit. I expect the new versions to be available by the end of the week.

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