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I do not often immediately buy a book when it is available. When I find a book that I want to read, it is usually pretty old. I did actually review three books published in 2022 this year. One about Freemasonry, one about Rosicrucians and one about Grufties.

I reviewed 22 books this year. This is the most active part of this website! Four out of five stars I gave The Magus Of Freemasonry, Universal Aspects Of The Kabbalah And Judaism and Zonder Blinddoek, respectively about Elias Ashmole, a compendium of texts of Leo Schaya (Jewish Traditionalist) and about Freemasonry. Most of the rest were 3.5 stars (good enough book). Disappointing were The Craft and The Kybalion.

Too bad all these books do not inspire me to write articles (at least not on

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