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2022 in film / series

Just like with music, I no longer make an effort to review everything that I see. Little is released that I really want to see, so I often watch some Netflix ‘gamble choice’ that is seldom good. I do not want a film review site filled with “another mediocre film that you better not watch”, so I skip reviewing quite a few of the films that I watch.

I reviewed 11 releases from 2022, 8 films and 3 series. The highest rating got Big Bug by Jean by Pierre Jeunet (4 stars out of 5), shared with The Queen’s Gambit series by Scott Frank. On the big screen I saw the interesting Crimes Of The Future by David Cronenberg. Better than expected The Adam Project by Shawn Levy. There were two watch-worthy action films: Bullet Train by David Leitch (which I also saw on the big screen, in 4D even) and The Gray Man by Anthony & Joe Russo.

I could use some good films next year…

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