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Film weary

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Once or twice a week I watch a film. Once or twice a week I watch series. I seldom run into something that I really want to see, so I just pick something from Netflix or Amazon Prima that does not look too boring. I have even been watching old action movie series. I never liked action and now I find myself slowly working through the fast and furious franchise. Everybody probably know them already and they are not really good enough to review in the first place. Also from Netflix or Amazon Prime I find many films too weak to bother to review them. I also rewatch films that I already saw.

As for series, same thing. Seldom there are series that I really want to see. Frequently they are (somewhat) disappointing, such as the third season of “American Gods” or I do not know how to watch them without buying another DVD or BlueRay box that I will use only once. There are some lauded series that take so much ‘effort’ to watch that I (probably) review them after all. I am not watching the quite alright “Queen’s Gambit”, the not very impressive “Rings Of Power” and the mildly interesting “Lost In Space”. The first is a mini, so you can expect a review some time soon. The other two… well, time will tell if I will watch them both.

It would be nice to run into something good some time…

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