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Busy still, but not always here

He there reader. Yes I do still look at my ‘main website’ every now and then, but I do not always have the time and inspiration to post something here. I do not see a whole lot of films that are ‘worth reviewing’. I do listen to new music, but I think it is a bit odd to review a release that I play on Spotify rather than own it. Besides, also here I seldom run into something really good and I do not want too many of these ‘not really my taste’ reviews. Books, I actually read quite a bit, but I am ploughing through some bigger works; one is even 1500 pages, so that takes a while (I think I am at 80% now though). I also read books that I wonder if they ‘fit’ this website, even though it is fairly general.

I also maintain other websites which aim at a more specific audience or that are about a more specific subject. Of course these websites take effort too.

And, since I do not live behind my PC and my job is behind a PC too so I sometimes want to not look at a screen, things just come when I have both time and inspiration.

Yours truly.

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