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Tartarus Records

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I must have known this label, but it was apparently in a dead angle of mine. Tartarus is even from my own country. As a matter of fact, they released some material that I (should) know.

Apparently, there was a first version of “Welving” of Hadewych that came from Tartarus. They have released material from my townmates Radar Men From The Moon and the Dutch project Gnaw Their Tongues, High time to see what they are up to.

The artists page of the website seems to suggest that Tartarus is mostly a doom metal label, but under the description: “we release what we like, we don’t release what we don’t like”, it soon becomes obvious that the roster is much wider. There is some excellent music here that I wonder why I never found the label before.

It seems that especially older releases are indeed often ‘doomy’. This goes from typical doom metal to more sludge or stoner kind of metal and rock. There are also more experimental doom bands such as Maltash and Sow Discord.

There is more though. Gewoon Fucking Raggen is more a punk-type of grindcore, Cocaine Piss reminds of nowave bands such as PRE, there are different kinds of metal, techno-type music and also noise.

Quite something to listen to all, but much is available on Spotify, so perhaps somebody should just make a playlist.

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