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Mixcloud #19 Metal Blast

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Back with metal. Funny, since I seldom play it. “Metal blast” is a mix with metal tracks that start with a ‘blast’ and afterwards and pretty fast. Of course there is a variety of styles, (Göteborg) death metal, (industrial) black metal, grindcore, (blackened) trash, an hour of uptempo metal.

Dark Tranquillity – Nightfall By The Shore Of Time
Diabolicum – Changed On Demonwings
Skull Fist – I Am A Slave
Cattle Decapitation – Be Still Our Bleeding Hearts
Unanimated – Fire Storm
Mystifier – Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
Absu – Morbid Scream
Vader – Light Reaper
Magrudergrind – Heretics
Mithotyn – King Of The Distant Forest
Sarcófago – Deathtrash
Slayer – Angel Of Death
Gospel Of The Horns – The Power Of Darkness
God Dethroned – The Poison Apple
Razor – The Marshall Arts
Deathhammer – Warriors Of Evil
Misery Index – 49 Seconds Of Hate
Brutal Thruth – Walking Corpse


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