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Mixcloud #16 Intro beat

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There are a few well known and popular songs that start with a great rhythm that immediately gets me in the mood for a good track. I know a few of those and decided to put them into a mix. It took a little more effort than I expected to find enough good tracks with a good ‘intro’ to make a mix of an hour, but here we go. The mix as often contains a wide variety of styles. From noise rock to psychobilly to pop, rock, gothic, metal and even EBM. None of the tracks are very fast, but as the mix continues, the speed slowly goes up a bit.

01. Sleeping Fury – Agent Side Grinder
02. Rawkillbilly Baby – Psycho Charger
03. Lost My Mind – Left Lane Cruiser
04. Treat Me Like Your Mother – The Dead Weather
05. Floorshow – The Sisters Of Mercy
06. Keine Zukuft – Pouppée Fabrikk
07. Paint It Black- The Rolling Stones
08. Hotrod Vampires – Demented Are Go!
09. Blätta – Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons
10. Defect – Komplikations
11. Magic – November Növelet
12. Dumbell Lifter – Diesel Dudes
13. Hazy Shade Of Winter – The Bangles
14. 2 Minute Fuck – Kamikaze Queens
15. Robin Hood In Reverse- Christ Vs. Warhal
16. Stuck – Ausmuteants
17. I’m About To Do Something (That I’m Gonna Regret) – Motormark
18. Opus 666 – Banane Metalik
19. To Fix The Gash In Your Head – A Place To Bury Strangers
20. Run For Your Life- Enforcer


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