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Mixcloud #17 Black Metal Dance

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A mix I’ve been thinking of for a while. It’s not just down- or midtempo black metal that I was after, but songs with a ‘waltzing’ rhythm. This proved to be harder than expected. I had songs in my head, but not enough. Most songs are from the few years that I listened to black metal frequently.
I’ve mixed the metal with folky songs for good measure. These songs are from the cd that came with the second version of the book Liederen En Dansen In De Kempen.

  1. Hades – Unholy Congregation
  2. Mortuary Drape – Zombie
  3. Anonymous – We Waore Mee Acht
  4. Ophthalamia – A Journey In Darkness – Entering The Forest
  5. Fester – Liberation
  6. Anonymous – In Moeders Kaomerke
  7. Carpathian Full Moon – Ggai Hannahh
  8. Varathron – Unholy Funeral
  9. Anomymous – Dit Was Laatst Een Bakkersvrouw
  10. December Moon – Exaltation Of Power
  11. Sigh – At My Funeral
  12. Anonymous – Ach Mijn Lief Katrieneke
  13. Arcturus – Raudt Og Svart
  14. Samael – Celebration Of The Fourth

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