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But few reviews

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It is a bit odd. I do try to keep up a bit with new releases, but since I buy physical releases less often, I also less often feel like writing a review. When a new album is available on Spotify or Bandcamp or wherever, I listen to it, but unless it is really good, I do not really feel like reviewing it. For some reason, owning a physical release is more of a ‘trigger’ to write a review when a ‘non-physical’ one. Besides, I rarely run into something really good and especially with digital releases I have the feeling that it has to be recent to review. When I find a band or project that I did not know and they had a great album in 2018, I would probably not review it.

And so things keep changing little by little. I do still listen to music as much as I used to. What is also changing is that for a long long time I mostly listened to albums. Even on Spotify (on Deezer this works more easily) I would put two or three albums in a queue and listen them from start to finish. Nowadays I find myself going to playlists or mixes more and more often. I am not really sure why that is though.

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