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Mixcloud #13 High Energy vol. 2

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My “High Energy” playlist on Spotify is great (to me), but much longer than my first mix with the same name on Mixcloud. So I made another one. We start with rock, go to metal and slowly moved towards electronic music. I put some more focus on music that is not available on Spotify, but also added some very well-known pop music for good measure. Enjoy.

01 Brand New God by Danzig
02 Apple Tree by Wolfmother
03 Punk Rock Classic by Red Hot Chilly Peppers
04 Cosas Buenas Baratas by Fat Day
05 So Jazzed by PRE
06 Jaktens Tid by Finntroll
07 Dwelling Of The Unholy Ghost by Bestial Summoning
08 Liege Of Enveracity by Suffocation
09 Inquisition by Umbra Animae
10 I Want To Get A Tattoo Of A Wolf Howling At The Moon Inside Of a Wolf Howling At The Moon by Skimall by
11 Mega Over Drive by Polysics
12 Ze Metal Zone by S.I.M. On Kor Funkle
13 Ibiza by Prodigy & Sleaford Mods
14 Storming Blues Rock by Jason Forrest
15 Born Free by M.I.A.
16 Scotch Grind 2 by DJ Scotch Egg
17 Incesto by Synchromode
18 Fuck Em Up by Hellfish
19 Dracula Has Risen From The Grave by The Coffinshakers

Spotify users can listen to a much longer version here.


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