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Mixcloud #12 Technoise

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I love the early releases of 2nd Gen. Very dirty, noisy techno. For many, many years I have been looking for more noisy techno, without much succes. Here is the current harvest.

01 Buried by 2nd Gen
02 Learn To Swallow by Suicide Inside & Zandoz
03 Dahli Disco by Letzte Ausfahrt Leben
04 Unlightening by We Will Fail
05 Denial by Lana del Rabies & Baseck
06 Hide And Seek by JK Flesh
07 Ginger Pubes by Cookie Monsta
08 FLA4 by Kerridge
09 Image Of Control by Sumac & Endon
10 Tear Gas Reason by Lundin Oil
11 Modern Silver by Ulwhednar
12 Hmmmmm Hmmmmm by Eboman
13 Rock’n Roll by Daftpunk
14 Block Rocking Beats by The Chemical Brothers
15 Complacent by 2nd Gen

Spotify users can listen to the playlist I made there.


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