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Mixcloud #11 Armageddon Breakcore

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Crazy, extreme techno music. Much for, but not too longer in one take. Here you have an hour.

01 In The Name Of Breakcore by Doormouse & Otto von Schirach
02 Werewolf Syndrome Destroyed Your Family by Ladyscraper
03 Throat Yoghurt by Duran Duran Duran
04 De Do Da Evil by Hyperdriver
05 Come Get Some by Rotator
06 Jesus Must Die by DJ Jesus Christ
07 Brave The Storm by Detest
08 Time To Step Up by CPUwar
09 Happy Screaming Night Businessman by Nero’s Day In Disneyland
10 Mutha Fucking Noize Show by Warst
11 Malenkie by Ambassador 21
12 Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie & Drumcorps
13 Scotch Grind 2 by DJ Scotch Egg
14 Last Exorcism Of A Nazarene by Antichristus & Zardonic & Throtter
15 Bohemian Crapsody by Sickboy
16 Bad Girl by M1dy

Spotify users can listen to my similar playlist there.


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