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Mixcloud #10 Gruft (death and gothic rock)

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I like some ‘goth’, old or new. Probably a playlist like there are many on Mixcloud, but I enjoyed compiling this.

01 Scars Flown Proud by Faith And The Muse
02 Die Sonne So Finster by Forthcoming Fire
03 Schadenfreude by Diät
04 Twice Shy by Bitumen
05 In Darkness by Horror Vacui
06 Night Rooms by Nervosas
07 Live Like Suicide by Virgin In Veil
08 Ich Bin Dead by She Pleaures Herself
09 Cask by Cemetery
10 Cross Of Lorraine by Christ vs. Warhol
11 We Are Born We Live We Die by The Spiritual Bat
12 The Mask by The Bellicose Minds
13 Wings Of Regret by This Cold Night
14 Violations by Dystopian Society
15 Graveless by Lock Howl
16 Cats Or Devils Eyes by Children On Stun
17 In Her House by Screams For Tina
18 Barbed Wire Somber by The Wraith
19 Reunion by Scarlet’s Remains
20 Corrosion by The Sisters Of Mercy

Spotify users can listen to a longer version of the above here.


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