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Mixcloud #9 Vocalized Noise

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For some reason extreme music gets much more interesting to me when there are vocals. I am more of the “death industrial” side of noise music, so this is what you will find here mostly.

01 Gloves Are Off by Detrimental Effect
02 Retribution by Gnawed
03 Fuck Your Brains Out by Operation Cleansweep
04 The Day Of Punishment by Ex.Order
05 Herbert by Murderous Vision
06 Smile Like Sword by Iron Fist Of The Sun
07 Formacion De Guerilla by Genocide Organ
08 Martyr’s Little Helper I by Am Not
09 The Seventh Man by Trepaneringsritualen
10 Picrotoxin by Kommando
11 Face Of Defeat by Moral Order
12 Stranguary by Steel Hook Prothesis
13 Fallen (Mercy For You) by Haus Arafna
14 Inherent Resurrection by Stromstad
15 Final Pulse by Anenzephalia
16 My Mother by IRM
17 Cocaine Death by Prurient
18 Locust by Consumer Electronics
19 Faith Healer by Con-Dom

There is more such music on Spotify than I had dared to hope. Listen to my great playlist here.


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