Mixcloud #7 Industrial Disco

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There is a danceable / light version of industrial. Well, not always so light. Not “rhythmic noise”, but more ‘lightfooted’ than much industrial. Here is a playlist with that kind of industrial.

01 UHF Disco by Thorofon
02 Deutschland by Dogpop
03 Nag Nag Nag by Cabaret Voltaire
04 Fuck Me Like You Hate Me by Blitskrieg Baby And The Squaling Pig Ensemble
05 Before Us by Pure Ground
06 12 Bluescreen by M.O.S.
07 Cog In The Machine by Tonal Y Nagual
08 We Think There’s A Chemical by Psychic Graveyard
09 End Of The Nacht by Zeigenboch Kopf
10 Distorted Youth by The Musickwreckers
11 Chilsong Chamber by Alberich
12 Neanderthal Dancer by Cryme
13 Charlenni’s Father by M Ax Noi Mach
14 Factory Forehead by Crash Course In Science
15 Gash Addict by Street Sects
16 Existance (Twin Voice Version) by Geneviève Pasquier

Quite some of the music that I wanted in this playlist is not available on Spotify. Yet, I managed to gather a playlist of over 4 hours.


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