Mixcloud #5 Gooseflesh Noise

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There is actually noise that raises the hairs on my arms and brings a tear to my eye. Here is an hour of emotional violence.

Long ago I made this mix for 8Tracks, but the Dutch music rights organisation caused 8Tracks to be no longer available in my country, so I cannot even listen to my own mix. Here it is again on Mixcloud.

01 Echoes From The Past by Sistrenatus
02 New Lines Order by Ex.Order
03 Fuck Your Brains Out by Operation Cleansweep
04 Cry Out Loud by Subliminal
05 The Deceased Mind by Institution D.O.L.
06 Outburst by Propergol
07 Howl (exerpt) by Sutcliffe Jugend
08 Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel by Whitehouse
09 Come Clean by Consumer Electronics
10 Martyrs Little Helper by Am Not
11 Pain Loves Pain by Haus Arafna
12 V∴V∴V by Trepaneringsritualen

On Spotify I found only 35 minutes of ‘gooseflesh noise’. Probably my shortest playlist.


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