Mixcloud #4 Electrometal

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This is mostly a list of grindcore-type music, but then made with electronics. There are a few tracks metal with electronics. All quite energetic.

01 The Beast by Ozigiri
02 Neck Grinder by H.U.T Gigar
03 Hammer by Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King
04 The Great Industrial God by Neo Inferno 262
05 Petit Traité De Futurologie Sur l’Homo Cretinus Trampolinis (et son annexe sur les nageoires caudales) by Pryapisme
06 Flesh & Metal by Mick Gordon
07 No Pity For A Coward by Ring Of Saturn
08 Decapitation Fornication by Infant Annihilator
09 Overkill by Riot
10 TridenT by BlackLodge
11 Mary Die by OvO
12 Tombs by Bong-Ra vs Igorrr
13 Relentless Passing by GosT
14 Stitches In Reality by Cloak Of Altering
15 When Children Are No Longer Enough C.oitus O.rgasm C.atholic K.ids by Havoc Unit
16 Floating Point by The Algoritm (Drumcorps remix)
17 Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion by Anaal Nathrakh

Five and a half hours of this madness on Spotify.


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