Mixcloud #2 Electronic Doom

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This one took much less effort, but it still takes time to gather tracks, arrange them, make a playlist, etc., but here we have “electronic doom”. There is this dark, minimalist kind of techno that is sometimes named “industrial techno”, but that term can just as well apply to hardcore techno, so I am not fond of it. Spotify seems to use “Mandible”, but I have no idea what that is supposed to be. I use “electronic doom” for my Spotify playlist as it is somewhat doomy and of course electronic. I do sneak in similar vibes from other genres.

Anyway, for Mixcloud I made a two hour mix of this type of music, so if you have no Spotify, check this out:

01 Intravener by Khost
02 Sehtohree Diin Chromtas Vehns by Oake
03 Meniscus by Talker feat. Kerridge
04 Ibab Y1 by Ulwhednar
05 No Man’s Land by Michael Idehall
06 Resin & Lacquer by Shifted
07 Didn’t Work Out by We Will Fail
08 FLA 5 by Kerridge
09 Plumes Of Chasmby Positive Centre
10 Carpenter Ant by Necro Deathmort
12 Circle II (Lust) by Pact Infernal
13 Arrivals by FIS
14 V2.03 by We Will Fail
15 Border by Emptyset
16 Bensin I Storkågeträsk by D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.
17 For Those Who Strive by SARS & AR
18 #6 (Chris Carter remix) by Nisennenmondai
19 Vesuve by Franck Vigroux
20 Curl by Rrose
21 Dream Within A Dream by Shapednoise
22 Lightning With Stag In Its Glare by Ketev
23 Paint It Black by Samuel Kerridge
24 The Drop by Cryme
25 Broken Clouds by Lakker
26 Two Crescent Moons Embrace The Sun by Trepaneringsritualen

36 Hours of this on Spotify! One of my favorite playlists. It is not ‘perfect’, often when I listen to it I bump into tracks that do not fit too well, but the good thing about a Spotify playlist is that I can add and remove tracks as often as I see fit.


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