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A while ago I was downloaded mixes from Secret Thirteen. I figured that would be an easy way to have a load of music for a car holiday. There are some excellent mixes there, but I was looking for something more energetic. And so I picked up the idea to make such an energetic mix myself. I may have went a bit too far, but other people may have a sense of humor too, right? I sent the mix to Secret Thirteen, but I never heard of them…

Then I figured, why not just upload it somewhere myself? Mixcloud for example? And so I did:

When you are not logged in to Mixcloud, you cannot see the playlist, so here we go:

01 Tenen Non Neu by Duches Says
02 Stack of Marshalls by About
03 Pourquoi Pourquoi by Infecticide
04 Die To Live by Agent Side Grinder (Container 90 remix)
05 Biba Butzermann by Petra Flurr + Modernista
06 UK Decay by :Wumpscut:
07 U Don’t Quit by Hellfish
08 There’s A Wocket In My Pocket by DJ Floorclearer
09 Sound Is The Enemy by Intro5pect
10 Defect by Komplikations
11 Punk Police by Ho99o9
12 Go Satan Go by Peter Pan Speedrock
13 Slaughter Thy Poser by Macabre
14 Sick Fucker by Joe Buck Yourself
15 Redneck Ride by AssJack
16 Don’t Light My Fire by Otoboke Beaver
17 Monkey Man by Melt-Banana
18 Fast Money Kill by Death Index
19 I’m So Clean by A Place To Bury Strangers
20 Run For Your Life by Enforcer
21 We Are Pissed by Ec8or
22 I Am God by Diabolos Rising
23 Hotel Hellfornia by M1dy and Ozigiri

Spotify users can listen to a much longer version of the above here.


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