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Many years ago, whenever I was in Amsterdam, I popped into the tiny cellar where Staalplaat had its base. Much music they sold (or released!) I did not know. The soundscape experimental type of music is not really my thing, but they also had music that I did like. I discovered Wumpscut there for example.

When the German city of Berlin was going to be the hippest city in Europe, Staalplaat moved there.

In August 2020 I was in Berlin and decided to find out how Staalplaat would be housed nowadays. The part of town they are in does not seem to be a part that the common tourist stumbles into by accident. Also, when you do not know the address, you may very well pass the place unnoticed.

The store is still tiny, messy, with mostly music that is unknown to me (20 years down the line I would expect to know a bit more), but they also have a lot of art-books, magazines, etc.

Still a fun place to visit.

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