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Still writing

Believe it or not, but I am actually still writing fairly actively. As I have said elsewhere, I have been working on other websites for several years now. They are aimed at another audiences or at least, I hope to present some subjects to readers that would not read because of the rest of the content.

I suppose you know about, which is all about Franz Farwerck. That information used to be on, but it became too much and too hard to present properly. When I just launched that website there was a lot of work to be done to it. Now my new sources of information start to dry up and the website is getting more static.

Quite a couple of years ago, 2014, I started two websites about mixed gender Freemasonry. I joined a lodge, was looking for information and found out that there is not all that much information about the subject. Plenty of sites about ‘normal’ Freemasonry and also some about the mixed gender version, but all very scattered. I figured I would bring the information together. There is a world-wide and a Dutch/Flemish one.

Then there are two more Masonic sites about very specific approaches. I made these with the hope that people with similar subjects may bump into each other. One website is about about a subject you will also find on, the heathen approach to Freemasonry, the other is in Dutch (and is quite new) and about esoteric Freemasonry.

Just as the audiences to all websites are limited. The international co-Masonic website may have 1000+ Facebook “likers”, but very inactive (the website is static too). The other websites have even more limited audiences.

Several websites, hundreds of reviews of books, films and music releases, 100+ shorter and longer articles. In almost 20 years of website making I have quite an output and all that just for a handful of people. It is what it is. Hopefully my scribblings may every now and then help somebody looking for information.

Besides writing, I also manage other websites such as that of my Grand Lodge and some of its lodges. I also used to manage but the website suddenly disappeared. The band apparently stopped. I did not hear a thing about that. Then there is this inactive website of my girlfriend that needs an occasional update…

Man, I should think of hobbies that do not require a computer screen! My hobbies and my work are too much alike, but of course my hobbies are more interesting, so I guess that is it.

2 thoughts on “Still writing”

  1. Are you still writing reviews? I have read your book reviews and Evola and Venzi are of the highest quality in a very short form. I really appreciate your outlook and criticisms that you give.

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